Beyond Control: Wenger Slams Ridiculous Neymar World Record Transfer

Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger has slammed the world record fee paid by PSG to Barcelona for star foward Neymar describing it as “beyond rationality”.

The transfer is makes Neymar the most expensive soccer player in football history but Wenger is in no support of the deal.

Wenger, whose Arsenal team face Chelsea in Community Shield season opening game on Sunday at Wembley, said the deal showed what could happen when countries own clubs, as he claimed: “It is beyond calculation and beyond rationality”.

“You cannot rationalise the numbers anymore. The inflation is accelerating. We crossed the £100m line last year and only one year later, we’re crossing the £200m line.

When you think that Trevor Francis was the first £1m player (in 1979) and that looked unreasonable, that shows you how big football has become.

Ownership have completely changed the whole landscape of football in the last 15 years. Once a country owns a club, everything is possible. It becomes very difficult to respect Financial Fair Play.”

He warned:  “This will have consequences. Clubs, when Barcelona will want to buy a player, will say, my friends, you have £250m, so what cost £15m today will cost £100m for them. We still live with rationality. We are not the only ones – 99 per cent of clubs do that. We cannot compete at that level.”

“You don’t look at the numbers in their absolute value anymore. Football has been for a long time out of normal society. The numbers are like the basketball in the NBA in the USA. It’s not comparable to normal life anymore. It was already out of context of society. You cannot calculate what it brings in anymore, it’s just a number.

Today the price of a player depends on the financial potential of the buyer.”

Neymar is set to earn a staggering £537,000 a week at PSG for 5 years.


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