Benue Govt. Increases Bounty For Notorious Criminal, Terwase Akwaza A.K.A Ghana From N10m To N50m

The Benue State Commissioner for Information has uncovered after the State Security Council’s gathering on Thursday in Makurdi that the administration has expanded the abundance set on the head of famous criminal.

The Benue Government has expanded the reward it vowed to give anybody with valuable data that could prompt the capture of Terwase Akwaza, false name Ghana, from N10 million to N50 million.

The Commissioner for Information, Lawrence Onoja, uncovered this on Thursday in Makurdi after the State Security Council meeting. Mr. Onoja said the augmentation in the payment was expected to a great extent to reestablished criminal exercises professedly executed by the needed suspect and his partners in Sankera hub of the state.

He said crisis lines would be made open in no removed time to empower people in general supply data concerning him to security offices. He additionally said the committee likewise guided security offices to capture any vehicle that had its number plate secured, including government vehicles.

The chief included that it was just conventional rulers that were permitted to cover their number plates only for a period being to empower them to do new ones. He said individuals shouldn’t utilize sirens should cease forthwith as anybody damaging the law would be endorsed. He likewise expressed that the utilization of spinning lights on vehicles stayed prohibited in the state with prompt impact. He cautioned cultists to avoid the monstrous demonstration since laws that prohibited the training were in power and anybody got would be managed conclusively.

He revealed that the seven people killed in Gboko Local Government Area of the state on Wednesday were not Fulani herders as estimated, including that their killers were unadulterated offenders.

He said the chamber felt for the families that lost friends and family in the lamentable episode and implored God to reassure them. He spoke to Benue individuals not to bring laws into their hands but rather comply with the traditions that must be adhered to, focusing on that anyone bringing laws into his or her hand would be made to confront the full anger of the law.


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