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BBNaija Star Nina Ivy Replies Fan Who Tried To Give Her Life Advice

Nina Ivy

2018 BBNaija star and brand influencer, Nina Ivy, has taken to the social media platform to lambaste an overzealous fan who thought it wise to give her some life advice.

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The celebrity life often comes with having to live with everyone having an opinion about how a celebrity should or should not live their lives.

Case in point being a recent exchange between BBNaija reality star, Nina Ivy and a fan. Singer Adekunle Gold took to Twitter to dish out some life advice on making decisions that will affect the future.

He wrote: “Life is not that short. If you are 20 today, you’ll be 30 in 10 whole years. If you f*sck it up now living very fast because you think you are still young, it might end in tears. Live an eventful life, but with purpose too. Make great decisions today.”

A fan then tagged the reality star to the tweet, stating that she has always wanted to give this advice to her.

Nina however, was not having and spared no words in checking the said fan. She responded: “It would be best if you save this advice for your sisters or children , coz this girl right here doesn’t need it , I’m a grown woman who can differentiate her left from her right , So dnt come here and feel you can tag me to any nonsense you think actually makes sense to U ”



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