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Baby, My Wife Will Sue You If You Leave Me- Man Tells Girlfriend

A Zimbabwean lady, Caroline Phendlokuhle Sibanda, has dragged her former lover, Jose Melasi, to court for threatening to expose the details of their affair to his wife, Siphenkosi Melasi, who would then sue her for adultery damages.

Sibanda told the court that for two years, Mr. Melasi, held her hostage in the relationship with his threat, until she got tired and sought a protection order from the court, reports iHarare.

“Jose Melasi is my ex-boyfriend and has been abusing me for the past two years. He was threatening to tell his wife about our relationship and instruct her to sue me because they are legally married. With that threat, we continued with our relationship. I decided to go away and when I returned I had found a new lover, but he continued threatening to kill me. I do not know what he wants from me because I have moved on”.

Sibanda also revealed that she was being threatened by Melasi’s wife, “The wife of my ex-boyfriend insults and calls me names whenever we meet. I am tired of her behavior.”

Although Mr. Melasi denied the allegations, his wife contradicted him and confirmed the allegations.


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