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Baby Boy Allegedly Stolen By Unknown Woman In Catholic Church,Onitsha

 An aggrieved man recently alleged on Facebook that a 20-month-old boy has been kidnapped by a woman, the baby was snatched from a Catholic church in Onitsha

A Nigerian man named Vianney Chukwuebuka Portable Dqreat on Facebook shared a disturbing post. According to Emeka, the boy was stolen from a Catholic church in the area.

This young baby named Chibueze Ezechukwu was allegedly taken from the house girl that was supposed to keep watch over him. This house girl was supposedly given money and asked to bring the boy to a particular location.

Upon her arrival, the unknown woman left with the baby who is barely 1 year and 8 months old. the young man who announced the kidnap on Facebook, also gave contact details that would prove useful to anyone who has any vital information about the whereabouts of the boy.



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