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At least 60 Persons Drown In Boat Mishap

An undefined number of migrants have been left drowned after a small boat carrying migrants capsized off Guinea-Bissau.

At least sixty people have been reported to be missing after the boat they were travelling on sunk, authorities reported.

Head of the national ports, Felix Siga, told the BBC that resource constraints meant that the navy was unable to help when the boat went down on Monday.

The incident happened at late night of Monday after the boat was hit by a storm off the coast of Guinea-Bissau.

“An overloaded pirogue, transporting illegal migrants, capsized in our waters,” Batista told AFP news agency by telephone.

“We don’t know how many people were on board when the boat sank, nor their identity or even their nationality. But according to information that has reached me there were more than 60 people on board the pirogue,” Batista said.

The coastal surveillance agency has two speedboats, but these are often prevented from leaving the port due to lack of fuel, a navy officer said on condition of anonymity.

No survivors have been found but local radio stations have asked fishermen to tell authorities if they spot any bodies or passengers still alive.


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