Ariana Grande Concert: Victims Of Manchester Bombing To Receive $324k Each

Families of the victims killed in a terrorist attack at Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester will receive financial aid from the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

On Tuesday, Councilor Sue Murphy, chair of the trustees of the fund, announced that the bereaved families will get $342,000 each.

Approximately, $24.5 million was raised following the horrific attack on May 22 at the Manchester Arena.

The head of the trustees of the fund, Sue Murphy, said, “the payments will ensure the families benefit from the phenomenal outpouring of public support following the attack.

“Part of the funds — some of which came from Ariana’s One Love benefit concert — went to those who were hospitalized as a result of the attack.”

Murphy, however, said they’ll look into how to distribute the remaining funds.

“We will now spend some time looking at how we will distribute the rest of the funds. This will be a complex and sensitive process as we will need to assess the long-term impacts of the attack.”


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