Akporor Is Now A Landord In Lagos Because He Pays His Tithes: Uche Maduagwu Slams Daddy Freeze

Nollywood star Uche Maduagwu slams Daddy Freeze over refusal to pay tithes and his advice to people. He did this by sharing a picture of comedian Akporor and Daddy Freeze on Instagram.

Maduagwu continued by stating the fact that Daddy Freeze did not have a house which Akpororo owns because he pays his tithes. He posted:
“@akpororo Paid TITHE, and now he is a Landlord in Lagos, @daddyfrz Christianity is not a wrestling ground…🏠🏠 @daddyfrz Learn to RESPECT peoples choice to tithing,🙈

Jesus didn’t ask us not to pay tithe, because in Mathew 23:23 “For you are careful to tithe even the tiniest income from your herb gardens”✏ omg, these are JESUS words in the NEW testament…✏ Jesus never asked us to disobey Malachi 3:10.🍞

“Also, paying tithe is a PERSONAL thing between you and your God, brethren, don’t let anyone LAUGH at you or call you names when you pay tithe or not.🙈 @akpororo believed in tithing, and today, he now has a beautiful house of his own in Lagos,🏠 congrats, but there are people who don’t pay tithe, yet, they also have so many mansions all over the world,🌎 the bottom line is this, let us learn to RESPECT each other belief and what works for us, don’t let people like @daddyfrz mislead you, or is Christianity a wrestling contest?”


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