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AHBE Awards Is Ranked The Best Awards Event  For Africans Across The Globe

Afro Heritage Broadcasting and Entertainment Awards also known as AHBE Awards is set to unleash African entertainers who are recipients for the 4th edition in few weeks time in 2018.

AHBE Awards is categorized the best awards event for Africans across the globe in entertainment, broadcasting, sports, and entrepreneurial leadership.

The annual event which was established few years ago to celebrate eminent Africans who have contributed to the development of the black race through craft and talents especially in entertainment and broadcasting industries.

The alluring city of Houston, Texas will for the 4th time entertain Africans across major countries in the continent as the Awards organizers appreciate, celebrate and honor these  prominent personalities.

The venue has been stated as Expo event center, 15152, Bellaire Boulevard, Houston TX 77082 with the time follows as 9pm, central time which the red carpet will launch at 7pm. The host of the event will therefore be the comedian, Okey Bakassi


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