“After A Good Cry, I Wipe My Tears And Get Back To Work” – Mocheddah Speaks On Life As An Enterpreneur

Nigerian female singer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola,  best known by her stage name Mocheddah has opened up about her struggles as an adult and entrepreneur.

The singer who is now into fashion designing and skincare revealed that sometimes she is usually discouraged and forced to cry. But even after this, she still has to be strong and get back to work.

Mocheddah analysed how she spent her time jostling between her phone, work, family and even more work. According to her, 40 percent of her time goes to talking on the phone for the purpose of conducting her business and making sure things run smoothly.

Another 40 percent is spent going around trying to purchase materials needed to keep her business running fine and good. The remaining 20 percent goes to family activities and the management of her other businesses.

Even more, in her words, she urged fans not to be deceived by her stunning Instagram pictures as being an adult and an entrepreneur was really hard work.

“After a goooood cry, I had to wipe my tears, drink tea, get on the phone and get work done. 40% of my time is spent on the phone talking, I do not wish it so but it is, I’m either talking to staff, a supplier or trying to get logistic companies to “do their job “on time because customers need their orders.

 “Another 40% is spent on the field, in the sun buying materials I would need or on an Okada trying to meet up with a delivery, ( I’ll post the picture soon). The last 20% is what I have left for myself, family and other businesses

“It is hard, I cry, I cry a lot, that’s the only way you can survive as a Nigerian business owner. Do not let my Instagram slay pictures deceive you, being an adult is hard work, being an entrepreneur is even harder.. . “If you must chop you must

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