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Actress Padita Agu Looks Ageless As She Marks 40th Birthday

Nollywood Actress, Padita Agu has taken to her Instagram page to share amazing photos of herself as she marks her 40th birthday.

The mother of one shared some of the sexy photos to the delight of her fans.

Padita Agu once made the rounds online after she revealed she married her husband the first day she met him.

In a tell-all video uploaded to her YouTube channel, the Nollywood star opened up about her four-year-long marriage to a man that she tied the knot with upon officially meeting him face-to-face for the first time.

Posting a video, she captioned: I WANT TO DANCE AGAIN  💃💃💃

In my twenties I wished to have attained all my goals in life before forty.

Today I’m 40 and I realise that I’ve surpassed my goals.   More than that, I realise that there’s so much more to attain but the best part is, I’ve also come to the realisation that I can be and do anything I set my mind to.

This dance video is evidence.  It took just 2 DAYS! Imagine what I would have done in 2 weeks or in 2 months.


…and Life truly begins indeed.

See photos below:



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