Actress Moyo Lawal speaks on her robbery experience

Actress, Moyo Lawal, had a bitter experience during the week when she and her PA escaped a failed robbery attack in Lagos.

Speaking with Sunday Scoop about the incident, she said,

“I was about getting on the Third Mainland bridge and there was a slight traffic jam at around 8pm. At a point, I looked up and I saw a man running towards my car. I was even asking my personal assistant if he could see the running man, when I suddenly felt someone trying to strangle me. He had broken the window of my car in an instant. The thief was trying to snatch my chain off my neck and was also trying to reach for my phones, but he was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, there was also another person at the passenger’s side, trying to get my PA to roll down the window. My PA started shouting, ‘Thief, thief,’ and instantly, the guys ran away. It all happened so fast and it still seems like a dream to me.”

Speaking on her next line of action, Moyo said,

 “The incident happened very fast so there was nothing going through my mind while the ordeal lasted. I think I even hit another car while I was trying to move away from the scene. I was not psychologically affected by the incident; I’m more interested in creating awareness so that those types of incidents can be curbed in that area. A lot of people have been complaining about the atrocities that happen in that area; many of them have sent me pictures of similar incidents which even happened in broad daylight. I have resolved to have tinted windows, and that’s the only action I would take for now.”



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