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Actor Van Vicker Celebrates Daughter As She Clocks 14

Nollywood Actor Van Vicker celebrates daughter as she clocks 14.

He took to his Instagram Page to share Adorable pictures of himself and daughter, which he captioned with a strong fatherly message

He wrote; Generous, modish, caring, ingenious, street smart, beautiful, resolute, respectful, genteel, chivalrous, talented, down to Earth…these are just but a few of what you are built of. You can be mulish at times but you make me a proud father. Today you turn 14. The baby who would cry all day and cry all night, yet extremly sweet. Till today when you cry it touches my innermost feelings. I have ONLY four soft spots in my heart Ji-an, you take up one. You are multitalented, the World is at your beck and call, take it by storm and make an impact on people’s lives. Happy birthday my ONLY second daughter, lol. I love you my Chichi, my Chocho. Daddy.


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