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Access Bank Offers Assistance To Orphans, Vulnerable Children


Access Bank Plc. in a continued partnership with Fifth Chukker and UNICEF offers assistance to orphans and vulnerable children who have become impoverished due to the disease and violence in Kaduna State.

Access Bank Plc, Fifth Chukker and UNICEF got into a partnership agreement which has initiated elevation in funds protecting children in communities in Kaduna, exactly 10 years ago.

The bank has its annual Charity Polo Tournament organized annually and through which,  the financial institute and it’s partners have worked together to increase the capacity potency of the community-based organisations,  families and communities in charge of protection and  provision of care to these children through a dedicated day of fund-raising.

The partnership has been a solid rock to aid UNICEF in  assisting above 12, 500 children with scholarships, construction of bore holes in communities, toilet facilities in schools and renovation of dilapidated class rooms, which emerged in increased enrolment of children at schools and significantly improved hygiene standards. It has also led to the consciousness of the public concerning issues affecting orphans and created space for community members to discuss issues that negatively affect children especially the Orphans and Vulnerable children.

The partnership so far has initiated a positive impact on the affected communities,  the Group Managing Director / CEO of Access Bank Plc, Herbert Wigwe has pledged his bank’s uninterrupted assistance to sustain the initiative with the aim of reaching out to more communities expectant of the benefits acquired from the project.

He said; “Our partnership reflects a commitment to enriching the lives of Nigerians and an acknowledgement of the impact the UNICEF Charity Shield initiative has had on the lives of the targeted children in Kaduna State and its environs. The drive to succeed and contribute to communities starts with safe, healthy and well-educated children. These are the children, who will grow up to take tomorrow and give back significantly to the older generations, who raised them, leading to better societies in the future.”

“Through the initiative, in 2006, care and support services were provided to 240 orphans and vulnerable children in six focus Local Councils and 12 focus communities of Kaduna State. Particularly, the benefit and impact of the interventions on the focus communities has been impactful, as many children have been put in school and their quality of lives improved.”

“UNICEF is committed to working with Access Bank and Fifth Chukker to promote children’s rights. Together, we will continue to make a difference for the under privileged children and families in Kaduna State, other parts of northern Nigeria and throughout Nigeria.”

“We have been working in Kaduna, in collaboration with Fifth Chukker Polo & Country Resort and UNICEF to elevate quality of lives. We need to do a lot more in support of these orphans and vulnerable children to enable them look forward to a better tomorrow.”

In addition,  the country’s representative of UNICEF;  Manuel Rossini stated, “We are hoping to get more children needing support especially the girl child into schools. We have no doubt created the space for a lot of them to enjoy their rights to education through this partnership, but we aim to seek more community participation to achieve greater results.”



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