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A pregnant 10-year-old girl allegedly raped by her uncle block from having an abortion in Brazil

A pregnant 10-year-old girl had to be protected by military police when angry religious protesters tried to block her from having an abortion at a hospital in Brazil. The child, from Sao Mateus, was allegedly raped by her uncle.

She told medics her uncle had been raping her since the age of six and she had never reported him because he allegedly threatened her, according to newspaper G1.

The girl was discovered to be pregnant after she visited a hospital, complaining of abdominal pains.
Her uncle, an unnamed 33-year-old man, had been arrested and indicted for rape but is on the run, according to Brazilian media reports.

The girl was forced to travel to a hospital more than 900 miles from her home after her own local facility refused to treat her, amid a highly-politicised legal battle that has caused widespread outrage in Brazil.

Some people are insisting the child keeps the pregnancy however, others are in support of an abortion.

The girl’s private information and whereabouts was reportedly leaked online after she sought an abortion in the eastern state of Espirito Santo.

Far-right religious protesters converged at the hospital as the girl was due for the abortion on Sunday, August 16

They were filmed hurling abuse at hospital staff and the the driver of the taxi the child was in as they tried to enter.

Some protesters even reportedly attempted to break into the hospital in Pernambuco to try to prevent the procedure from going ahead.


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