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A man takes to social media to track down the owner of missing belongings.

A man takes to social media to track down the owner of missing belongings

On Monday, Chokoe Machela took to social media to find the owner of missing goods he found under a seat at an airport. Machela identified the owner, Siyabonga Badi, by his ID card. The honest man revealed he found a bunch of Badi’s belongings, including a tablet and a lot of money.

“Dear Mr Siyabonga Badi or anyone that knows him, You forgot your bag with all your personal belongings in it, cour ID, driver’s license, your credit and bank cards, passport, your notepad and tablet with your wallet containing R48 40 in it was found at the airport under a seat,” he wrote on Twitter. 

Machela managed to track Badi down and return his lost belongings. In return, the grateful man gave Machela a gift basket and an “unexpected” N25,000 reward.


Machela’s honesty inspired South Africans, who applauded him on social media. Twitter user @pumezamahobe commented: “This is the South Africa I want to live in… with honest people like you. May you be blessed beyond measure.” Another tweep, @EPristo, added: “You are a good man. May God bless you with plenty.” 




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