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9th Assembly: Why I Support APC, Buhari On Leadership- Tinubu

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The national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Bola Tinubu, has reiterated his support for the party and President Muhammadu Buhari in the National Assembly leadership tussle.

Tinubu made this known in a statement released by his media office on Sunday, saying that his efforts are focused on backing the party and Buhari in achieving their vision to flourish the economy.

Reacting to reports that he was interfering in the APC’s nomination process to National Assembly leadership positions in order to position him (Tinubu) for a presidential run in 2023, he said he would have committed a terrible blunder by navigating against the President’s position.

The statement read “We have monitored, with rising incredulity, the rash of news stories claiming Asiwaju Tinubu is manipulating the APC nomination process for the National Assembly leadership.”

“Not only are these reports utterly false, based as they are in the febrile imaginations of those persons by whom they are being peddled, but they are also injurious to President Buhari’s historic quest to reform Nigeria”.

Noting that the National Assembly positions are important to the fulfilment of the President’s agenda, he lamented that a painful lesson was learned in this respect in the last four years.

“Outgoing Senate President Bukola Saraki and House of Representatives Speaker Yakubu Dogara and their ilk, he said, hijacked the budget process these past four years, national budgets were delayed and distorted as these actors repeatedly sought to pad budgets with pet projects that would profit them.”


“while the intrigue-mongers seek to depict Asiwaju as a man hungering for the position, his deeds speak of something else. These peddlers of tales do not know the measure of the man nor can they understand what motivates him. Thus, they project their own petty ambitions and designs on to him. “

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“As he enters his second term, President Buhari has stated that he will give the economy special priority. His goal is to defeat poverty and joblessness while spurring the type of growth and development that will make Nigeria’s a durable and flourishing economy. “

“That Asiwaju has actively and publicly supported the party and president should not result in such public backbiting. We all know how important these positions are to the fulfilment of the president’s agenda.”

He urged rumour-mongers to court greater discipline and wisdom, adding that there is no action a person can take that constitutes a political guarantee as to what may come four years from now.




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