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85 People Killed In Gasoline Pipeline Explosion

EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / Forensic personnel carry some of the bodies at the scene of a massive blaze triggered by a leaky pipeline in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo state, on January 19, 2019. - An explosion and fire has killed at least 66 people who were collecting fuel gushing from a leaking pipeline in central Mexico, the Hidalgo state governor said on Saturday. (Photo by ALFREDO ESTRELLA / AFP)

Mexico‘s central city gasoline pipeline explosion has left 85 dead and several injured as numbers are still counting.

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On Friday, the central city of Mexico, Tlahuelipan, witnessed a devastating gasoline blast which left several dead and injured, it was reported that the blast occurred due to a leakage from the gas pipeline, many were reported to have rushed to fetch fuel from the leakage, meanwhile base on report from authority, the government was informed on the spill but delay was made to address the situation. Mexico’s government knew a pipeline was leaking but did not act for hours before the blast which killed at least 85 people, a minister reported.

Image result for mexico gasoline explosion

Image result for mexico gasoline explosion

State Oil firm Pemex did not close the gasoline pipe when first notified by the military, about four hours before Friday’s blast, because it considered the leak “minimal” Security Minister Alfonso Durazo reported.

Fuel shortages in the country had led the rush of people to fetch from the leakage, families of some of the victims stated, “fuel shortages stemming from President Manuel Lopez Obrador’s plan attracted people to the leak at the Tula-Tuxpan pipeline, a few miles from a major refinery.

“A lot of innocent people came here, perhaps their car didn’t have enough gasoline for tomorrow, and they said: ‘I’m just going to go for a few liters’,” said farmer Isidoro Velasco, 51, who said his nephew, Mario Hidalgo, was probably killed.

However, Gonzalo Monroy, the head of Mexico-based energy consulting firm GMEC, citing conversations with oil industry professionals in a statement, said, the state oil firm had pushed to reopen the pipeline to avoid a new case of gasoline shortages in Mexico City. he also stated that Fuel thieves had opened the pipe.

President Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Sunday that the disaster had not weakened his resolve to fight fuel theft.

“I won’t take a single step backward,” he said at the first of two news conferences. “I can only offer people apologies if this action causes sacrifices, harm, and inconveniences.”

Lopez Obrador said he hoped supply would normalize soon as Mexico buys more tanker trucks for distribution by road.


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