8 Things You Must Know About Brenton Tarrrant, The Suspected Gunman Who Killed 49 In New Zealand

Gunmen attacked two mosques in Christchurch area of New Zealand on Friday, leaving 49 dead and scored critically injured.

One of the suspects posted a live video online as he ripped the mosques apart with bullets; however police say one person has been charged for murder while two others are in custody.

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The man seen in video shooting and killing people at a mosque has been identified as Brenton Tarrant.

Below are 8 things you must know about him.

1. Brenton Tarrant was originally from Grafton, a town 600km (370 miles) north of Sydney

2. He described himself as an “ordinary white man” who “decided to take a stand

3. He never showed any extremist views or any crazy behavior

4. He left a 16,500-word document, where he wrote how he began planning an attack after visiting Europe in 2017 and being angered by events there.

5. He references a lorry attack carried out by an Islamic State sympathiser in Sweden, France’s decision to elect the moderate Emmanuel Macron as president, and ethnic diversity in France.

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6. Despite insisting that he was not motivated by fame, he painstakingly details his thoughts on numerous, unrelated topics

7. He also acknowledges that he intended to survive the attack, and hoped it would spread fear

8. He chose the Al Noor mosque as his target three months ago, the document says.


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