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8 Damning Points Barbara Bush Made Against Donald Trump (list)

Barbara Bush and Donald Trump (Photo: Fox 5 San Diego)

The former first lady of the United States of America, Barbara Bush, claims she had an heart attack due to Trump being elected as the President of the United States. Barbara died on the 17th April, 2018.

Before her death, there is no doubt she doesn’t like the president of the country, Donald Trump. The following words reveals she is against his regime.

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1.  Trump was the real symbol of greed in the 80s.

2.  He is like a comedian.

3.  He is like a showman.

4.  He is not working with congress.

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5.  Trump now means greed, selfishness and ugly. So sad.

6.  He is terrible; I don’t know why women will vote for him.

7.  Money doesn’t buy everything; Its accomplishment. He is incomprehensible to me.

8.  I don’t why Putin endorsed him.



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