Beyonce’s Birthday Cake From Jay-Z Is Magnificent

Jay-Z not only made sure all eyes were on Beyonce by singing for her on stage at the Made In America festival in Philadelphia, the rapper released several thousand of dollars on some luxurious cake to celebrate his wife’s 36th birthday.

Staff at the Cake Life Bake Shop were commissioned by a mystery client the week before Beyonce’s birthday and were asked to provide cakes and biscuits with a specific theme.

“Last week, a call came into Philadelphia’s Cake Life Bake Shop requesting some cakes and cookies for New York clientele who were coming down for the Made In America festival over the weekend,” a source revealed to Page Six.”The caller asked for various items and then specifically black-and-yellow-colored items, including a black and yellow geode-themed cake.”

The cake in question would have cost at least $3,500 – and accompanied another layer cake flavored with honey, lavender and goats cheese.

Check out the beautiful pictures below:


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