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5-Month Old Nigerian Baby Gets New Life After Successful Open-Heart Surgery In India

Five-month-old Samuel Ogubiyi, had undergone a successful open-heart surgery in a hospital in Ahmedabad, India due to congenital heart disease.

5-month old Nigerian baby gets new lease of life after successful open-heart surgery in India
Samuel, who flew down to the city from Nigeria with his parents in July, returned home on August 21 after satisfactory follow-up and health reports.
According to his father Folaranmi, a Lagos-based businessman, soon after Samuel’s birth in March when it was revealed that his heart was on the right side of chest instead of left, a condition faced by less than 1% of the population. Samuel also had low blood oxygen level, leading to breathing problems.
Dr Nilesh Oswal, paediatric cardiologist, who operated upon Samuel, said that the operation lasted for over six hours.
“The surgery was risky as the lung pressure was high. Due to complication of congenital heart disease, it was difficult to operate on him in Nigeria. He was operated for dextrocardia and anomalous pulmonary venous drainage among other complications. He was kept in ICU for seven days. Now he is recovering well,” he said.
“For us, it’s a re-birth of our son. We celebrated his fifth month-versary in the hospital after the surgery,” said Folaranmi.


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