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New Facts About Linda Ikeji’s BabyDaddy As She Post New Pictures

Linda Ikeji‘s baby, son will soon arrive. Before that happens, check out the ace Nigerian blogger and her stunning maternity photos.

Gushing about her baby, Linda once wrote:
I love children so much. I’m particularly obsessed with babies. Dear son, you are my greatest dream realized and I can’t wait to meet you! I plan to be one of the best mums the world has ever seen. Thanks for choosing me ❤
Sometimes I wonder what he will look like. His dad is tall, dark and handsome and I’m cute too so fingers crossed 😍

Who is Linda Ikeji’s husband?
There has been many speculations about who Linda Ikeji’s fiance is but, she hasn’t confirmed anything yet. However, here are some details about him we can share with you.
Linda Ikeji’s babydaddy is Itsekiri, from Delta state:
It has been alleged that Linda is pregnant for Sholaye Jeremi, a young billionaire and close associate to Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu. It is rumored that these two have been longtime lovers, since 2016. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you if that’s true.
But we can share that Linda Ikeji’s man is Itsekiri, from Delta state. Linda confirmed that herself too here.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUgfBfexrJc&w=940&h=529] Linda’s fiancé was once her ex boyfriend.
That’s right. According to a close source we talked to just about the time news broke that Linda Ikeji is engaged, Linda once dated this man who is now her fiancé. Although, things didn’t work out between the two then, it turns out they somehow found their way back together and are ready to walk the isle.
The father of Linda Ikeji’s baby is a successful man that recently returned to Nigeria from abroad. Yup! Word has it that her fiancé used to be based outside Nigeria but decided to relocate back to Nigeria. As for the successful part, the award winning blogger has said it over and over again that, whoever she gets married to must be successful in his craft. She doesn’t want a man who isn’t successful to be her husband. She has said countless times in interviews that, he must be someone that inspires her and that she can look up to.
Another fact about Linda Ikeji’s babydaddy is that, he is rich.
Linda made it loud and clear that she can’t marry a poor man. She wants to marry a rich man that can support her if she needs his support.
Also, Linda’s man is genuinely good at least that’s what Linda said). She has said that she wants a man that is interested in her success and her progress. She doesn’t want a man that is jealous of her success or that will try to stifle her in anyway. She wants a loving, caring man that will love her for who she is.
Finally, Linda Ikeji’s husband to-be is good in the other room. How do we know? Linda said it herself few years ago. She said that she wants a man that likes sex and is really good at it


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