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4 Things You Must Know About Utrecht Tram Shooting In Holland

Photo: Mail Online

Following the Utrecht Tram Shooting in Holland, here are some things you must know about Utrecht Tram Shooting in Holland.

1.  Dutch police have named a suspect in the ‘terrorist-motivated’ shooting on a tram in Utrecht, which resulted in the death of three people and left nine others injured.

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2.  Police tweeted a photograph of Turkish-born Gökmen Tanis, 37, believed to have been captured on the tram’s CCTV just four minutes before the incident at 10.45am this morning, and urged the public to ‘look out for him but do not approach.’

3.  The gunman, who may not have been acting alone, fled the scene, reportedly in a stolen red Renault Clio, which has since been found abandoned in Utrecht, Holland’s fourth largest city with a population of around 340,000.

4.  Heavily armed police have been gathered in front of an apartment block some 200 yards from the scene the shooting for several hours, however have reportedly yet to raid the building.



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