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$202m Missing at NIA, not $44m, Says Reps’ Panel


The House of Representatives Committee on Public Safety and National Intelligence said on Sunday that in spite of late reports, the genuine measure of cash missing at the National Intelligence Agency was $202m and not the $44m as revealed.


The Chairman of the panel, Mr. Aminu Sani-Jaji, said the $44m was not missing but rather was just moved to a sheltered area.

The panel is researching the debates encompassing the arrangement of an acting Director General for the office, Mr. Ahmed Rufai-Abubakar, by President Muhammadu Buhari.

There were reports that Rufai-Abubakar fizzled his advancement examinations.

Another affirmation was that the acting DG was a native of Chad.

The House had passed a determination guiding the Sani-Jaji board to research the affirmations, similarly as a few executives in the organization requested of the House, looking for the evacuation of Rufai-Abubakar.

Sani-Jaji, who talked with journalists in Abuja, revealed that the advisory group found over the span of the examination that the real cash missing at the NIA was $202m.

He affirmed that the board had officially taken the declarations of a previous DG of the organization, Mr. Ayo Oke; the National Security Adviser, Maj. Gen. Babagana Monguno (retd.); and the acting DG, Rufai-Abubakar.

The official included that under Oke, the NIA gathered an aggregate of $289m as “mediation” stores amid the organization of previous President Goodluck Jonathan.

Be that as it may, Sani-Jaji said the advisory group was not able get any helpful data on the adjust of $202m from the authorities, who showed up before it.

The advisory group had met with the authorities away from plain view a week ago at the National Assembly.

Sani-Jaji included, “We had a gathering too with the NSA. We later found from our gathering since a week ago that the $44m isn’t missing. For that one, I can disclose to you they moved the cash starting with one place then onto the next. We are as yet researching.

“In the event that we get 60 to 70 for every penny of what we should get, at that point we can let you know. In any case, for the present, I will let you know completely that the cash isn’t absent. They just moved it from the organization to somewhere else, pending when every one of these issues encompassing the office would be settled.

“In the event that you recall, this $44m is a piece of the $289m endorsed for the then DG, Ayo Oke. You realize that in April a year ago, there was the issue of $43m found in Ikoyi. He endeavored to state that the $44m and the $43m are a piece of the $289m.

“In any case, for us, we are as yet attempting to see where the rest of the $202m was put. We just think about the $43m recouped in Ikoyi and the $44m recuperated from their vault.

“Over the span of our examination, we will concoct where the $289m truly is, not the $43m and not the $44m but rather the whole sum…

“Indeed, for me it is ($202m) as yet absent. The cash being referred to is $289m, and all what the previous DG is endeavoring to state is that the $43m and the $44m are a piece of the $289m.

“On the off chance that you subtract $43m and $44m, where is the adjust? That is the reason we are the place we are today, and that is additionally why we need to heighten the examination.”

On the charges against the acting DG, Sani-Jaji clarified the discoveries of his board of trustees, “One of the issues is that, some are stating he (Rufai-Abubakar) has double citizenship. Yet, he said to us completely that his dad is from Katsina State and he (his dad) after at some point, chose to relocate from Katsina to Chad.

“His mom is a Nigerian, and his better half too is a Nigerian. He even demonstrated to us the endorsement of the then DG that he was permitted to wed her. I think she is Fadilah by name. She is from Katsina. She did her auxiliary school in Sandamu, as indicated by the reports provided to us. He said truly he did his elementary school in Chad, however he went to auxiliary school in Nigeria and his first degree was in the Bayero University, Kano.

“Once more, we talked about with him and we likewise observed all the advancement examinations that he experienced when he was in benefit.


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