20-Year-Old Man Throws 4-Year-Old Brother Off A 7-Story High Building

Around 2:45 am on Saturday morning in Brooklyn a 20 year old man, Shawn Smith was charged with murder after throwing his brother off 7 story high building.

Shawn, who had no criminal issue prior the incident, was said to have walked up to the cops and confessed his crimes.

The 20 year old who was said to be suffering from Schizophrenic and has been in a mental clinic for three weeks in July, led the police to the broken body of his brother, Shimron, in a trash –strewn midwood courtyard.

According to Shawn, he committed the criminal act due to the voices in his head which compelled him to do it.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved mom disclosed that ever since Shawn’s mental health episode in July, he has gone off prescribed medication.


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