20 Million People Apply For 100,000 Railway Jobs

The railway company of India has reportedly received about 20 million application for just 100,000 jobs put out, a railway ministry official has said.

The number of applicants is expected to rise further as the deadline for applications will end on Saturday, the official told Press Trust of India.

According to the BBC, unemployment is a huge challenge in India where millions are out of work. And the majority of the employed masses are underpaid at their various industries.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that online tests will be held for jobs in the railway police, locomotive drivers and technicians in 15 languages.

Officials say they are overwhelmed by the response to the medium and low-level jobs.

“A lot of applicants are overqualified and even PhD holders are applying for the technician’s job,” a railway official was quoted by the Economic Times newspaper as saying.

The Press Trust of India news agency reported that more than five million people had applied online for the positions of technicians and locomotive drivers alone.

India has one of the largest railway networks in the world, used by around 23 million passengers daily. Built mostly under British colonial rule, the railway network is the backbone of public transport.

With more than a million workers, India’s railways are also one of the world’s largest employers.

Government recruitment drives have attracted massive responses in other parts of India, too.

In 2015, authorities in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, received 2.3 million applications for 368 low-level government jobs.

During the same year, several people were injured in a stampede when thousands turned up to join the Indian army in the southern city of Visakhapatnam.

In 2010, one man was killed and 11 others were injured in the crash when more than 10,000 candidates gathered to join the police in Mumbai.

And in 1999, the government in West Bengal state was deluged with responses when they advertised 281 jobs and received nearly one million applications.


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