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190 Policemen Abscond From Counter Insurgency Training Over Fear Of Boko Haram

Afraid of joining the military to combat the dreaded Boko haram insurgents in the North-east, no fewer than 190 Nigerian police on training at the Nigerian Army Special Force training school in Yobe state on Wednesday, abandoned their duties and fled with their respective riffles.

According to reports, the officers absconded following the discovery, they would be deployed to locations where Boko Haram are active especially communities along the Nigeria’s border and chad republic.

It would be recalled that the inspector general of police, Ibrahim idris had promised additional 2000 police officer to compliment the efforts of the military against the insurgency in the volatile North-east

However, Police authorities have consequently ordered the arrest and prosecution of the affected officers, and messages has been sent to various mobile police units and states where the 190 officers were respectively drawn, with strident instructions that they must be tracked down, arrested with escort as they might be harmful since they fled with arms and ammunition.

Finding reveals that since the officer are still within the rank and file, They are likely to face disciplinary actions ranging from long suspension to outright dismissal, depending on the trial officer and individual context.



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