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12 Year Old Drinks Sniper, Dies In Kogi State

A boy of just 12 years has reportedly taken his own life in the most gruesome manner as he drank a poisonous insecticide SNIPER as a way of rebelling against his parents punishment.

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He was said to have been reprimanded by his elder sister after they arrived from church, after she gave him a punishment to serve which he stubbornly refused to, his father hearing about it bluntly ordering him to the FROG JUMP punishment.

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After he  was released from the punishment, he retired into his room where he drank the poison. His parents had no idea of what had happened until the insecticide got into effect.

All efforts to remedy the situation were to no avail.

Spokesman of the Kogi State Police Command, Williams Aya, said he was yet to get any report of the incident.




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