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1 Killed, 8 Injured In Deadly Shooting In US High School

An Eighteen-year-old Kendrick Ray Castillo was killed and eight others were wounded in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch US.

Related imageKendrick Castillo the killed student.

The attack was carried out by fellow student Devon Erikson an 18 year old and another Juvenile student 16 year old Alec McKinney. Erikson allegedly took the two handguns from his parents possession, the guns were legally purchased.

Image result for stem school shootingdevon erikson, one of the shooters.

Erikson had already made his first appearance in court and spent most of his hearing Wednesday with his head bowed, his bushy head of hair — colored with streaks of purple — obscuring his face. He spoke only when spoken to directly by the judge, and at one point signed a court document while holding his handcuffed wrists in front of him.

Authorities initially referred to the 16-year-old suspect as female. But the suspect’s lawyer said in court that McKinney goes by the first name Alec, and uses the pronoun “he,” Colorado Judicial Department spokesman Rob McCallum said.
A witness who witnessed the shooting of Kendrick Castillo said he was quick to jump into action to disarm the shooter, when Castillo and other students successfully collected the gun from the shooter and pinned him to the floor, Castillo was already dead, as he had been hit by a bullet earlier fired.
Brendan Bialy, a student who helped disarm one of the suspects, said he knows both alleged shooters. Erickson was a student in his class, where another student was killed and several were wounded, he said.
At Castillo home in Denver, his Father John Castillo struggles to stop sobbing.
He’s torn between pride and anguish after the heroics of his only child.
“Selfless — that’s what my son was. And it got him killed. But he saved others,” the father said.
“Because of what he did, others are alive, and I thank God for that. … But there’s another part of you that wishes he just turned and ran, retreated, hid.”


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