Fashion entrepreneur and brand influencer, Laura Ikeji has finally explained the reason for her look which did not come out as expected of a fashion blogger on her wedding day.

The beautiful mother of one celebrated her first year of marriage to her husband, Ogbonna Kanu a few months ago.

The photos of Laura on her wedding day had caused not a little stir as many thought she looked haggard and tired, asides this, her dress raised brows not to talk of the photo-shopped body.

According to Laura who finally feels it’s time to clear the air on it, her wedding dress was not allowed at the registry and she had to quickly made do with what her sister gave to her.

“I did my make up myself and my sister tried to hide my baby bump” Laura explained adding that everything was not working that morning but she got married!

Find her full explanation below;

“My husband was gonna travel that same morning after the court wedding so we had to be fast at everything, I had my reg morning sickness so wasn’t feeling so good, then I found out that morning that I couldn’t wear my beautiful white dress from bibilawrence cos the court does not allow halter necks, so I quickly called my sister Sandra to bring me this particular dress which was very nice btw pics didn’t do justice, disappointment no1. The hair stylist who I gave my @bkuniquehair wig to refused to pick my calls that morning and later switched his phone off disappointment no2, so I managed the old one in my car. Well… My makeup, did that myself cos I just wasn’t feeling myself so yea.

Everything that morning was just not really working but we got married! My sister took pics, being the best sister ever, she tried to Photoshop my lil baby bump hahahhahhahha and u know these Photoshops can be tricky, u have to look well if not ud make blunders that u can’t take back. She posted the pic out of excitement, she meant well, I saw the picture and didn’t think anything was wrong until it started trending and u know how fast negative news fly. Nobody was talking about us getting married all I heard and saw was the Photo shop pictures. Lmao. My hubby and I just laughed and agreed to move on from negativity n not check the blogs again .. Such is life. So well, that was us then, this is us now! Moral of the story, my hubbys hairline is back!!! And he looks hawt AF!! We have a son and he’s the most adorable baby ever, I am not doing badly at all and well life is good. Live ur best life”.