Today’s topic is not very pleasant. Nobody really wants to talk about water-related diseases. However, each of us wants to be healthy. That’s why we should highlight this important issue for you. It can help save your health and even many lives.

Water related diseases in Africa

WATER POLLUTION: As we all know water is very essential for living. Nobody can live without it. However, according to some researchers aside that it’s very beneficial, it is also deleterious in many cases. Unfortunately, water pollution is a very common phenomenon. Water pollution is a decrease in water quality because of various physical, chemical or biological substances in rivers, streams, lakes, seas and oceans. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), report water-related sicknesses are the most dangerous destroyers of human’s health and life. The reasons for these problems are the various microorganisms that hit the water. Unfortunately, water-related diseases in Africa are the most common today. Communicable diseases can be contracted if you drink infected water. However, it can also be caused when you simply come in contact with infected water, even without drinking it.

Diarrhoea: is the main symptom You should know that the first sign of the waterborne disease is diarrhoea. Actually, water diseases in some parts of Asia and Africa have caused serious diarrhoea, and as a result, led to more than 6% and 8% of deaths in these continents.

Cholera disease: In 2013 according to the Global Health Observatory of the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 45 countries reported about 130, 000 cases of cholera. 47% of these cases were in America and 43% – in Africa. This water-related sickness has a very bad impact on the intestine. The causative agent is the Vibrio cholera. The main signs of cholera disease are vomiting and watery diarrhoea that causes lack of water and electrolyte instability.

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Dysentery Probably, you don’t know what it is. However, you should know that it is very dangerous and popular illness in Africa. About 600 thousand kids died of this disease, most of them were less than 5 years old. This is one of the most dangerous types of waterborne diseases. It is caused by the bacteria Shigella. They are almost similar to cholera. It invades cells in the colon and leads to stomach cramps, stool with blood and other unpleasant symptoms.



Typhoid Fever: This is one more disease that is caused by bad water quality. The causative agent of it is Salmonella typhi. This little dangerous bacteria provokes not such signs as dysentery and cholera. In this case, you can also have diarrhoea. However, the main sign is the appearance of a pink skin rash on the different parts of your body, including chest and abdomen. This bacteria is very dangerous because it can attack bloodstream. In such case, you risk becoming a carrier of the illness.

Salmonella and E. coli Infection: These waterborne diseases are almost similar, they are caused by unsanitary conditions, water pollution, and bad undercooked meat. Even your pets can become the carriers of these infections because of their excrement: This infection has the same signs in infected persons: diarrhoea, high fever, stomach cramps and so on. In the worst cases, kidney failure.


Campylobacter: It belongs to that types of waterborne diseases that cause diarrhoea. The reason for it is the Campylobacter jejuni bacteria. It can provoke gastroenteritis. Then if you have symptoms of this illness consult a doctor immediately. The C. jejuni bacteria can attack not only humans but also many animals. Exposure to this bacteria often occur through contact with infected raw or undercooked, you risk visiting loo very often. In worse cases, you can get a serious disease.

Legionellosis: It’s also popular as legionnaire’s disease. The main reason for this illness is the Legionella. This bacteria differs from previous others that attack the digestive system. It always affects the respiratory system. The most favourable conditions for the development of this infection are in warm water. It’s even possible in water heating systems, fountains, various coolers and other similar equipment. If a person breathes it, he/she can get pneumonia or lost coordination. If you drink water with this bacteria, it can lead to death.

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Leptospirosis:  We have to upset you. Your beloved pets can be the carries of this bacteria as well as wild animals. However, the most dangerous “culprits” are rodents. Those who like water sports are in the risk group of this disease. It can be also dangerous for those who live in areas vulnerable to flooding where feces of carriers mix with the flood water. If this infected water enters the body, the individual can get a lot of pulmonary diseases. Sometimes it causes meningitis.

Botulism: The culprit that causes this illness is Clostridium botulinum. The main symptoms of this disease are chronic tiredness, loss of vision, disorganized speech and so on. Finally, this infection leads to facial muscles weakening, then it achieves the limbs. If infected person doesn’t treat it with special medicines (prescribed by a doctor), the poison of this bacteria may cause death. It also attacks the respiratory system.

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Vibrio Illness: This infection is commonly found in salt water. The sickness may be caused by different sea and ocean animals like shrimps, crabs, mollusk and many others. This water-related disease may give the same signs as cholera. This illness can attack your body and cause different stomach diseases and skin sores.vibrio This infection is very dangerous and may be lethal. If this infection enters your body, visit the doctor for the medical examination and special antibiotics. Certainly, this is not a full list of water-related illnesses. There are also other types. For example, diseases from microbiological agents, parasitic infections and many others. As you can see the causes of waterborne diseases may be very different. You should exercise caution when using water for different purposes. If you can filter water through any possible way, do it to avoid these dreadful diseases. Also be careful if you are in the wild. Think twice before drinking water and swimming in it. Remember, better safe than sorry.


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