Vettel Rejects €120m Ferrari Deal

Sebastian Vettel has surprisingly rejected a €120m deal in favor of signing a 1-year contract with the Ferrari.

Ferrari has said a deal to tie up Vettel and teammate Kimi Raikkonen to another deal for next season is close but it seems Vettel is leaving out options beyond 2019.

Reports has it that a deal between Ferrari and Vettel isn’t close like reports earlier said, and the 3-time Formula 1 champion also played down such news by saying that it’s results that matters for now.

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“It’s true that I haven’t got a contract yet,” Vettel said, “but I think the primary objective at the moment is not worrying about papers but making sure we get good results.”

“As I’ve said, I’m not in a rush, I don’t think (Ferrari) is in a rush, and as far as I understand, I think I have a good contact with the team and they would tell me otherwise,” Vettel said. “So as I’ve said there’s no problem — nothing wrong.”

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