Unique Edge Of Mariam Afolabi

There is this uniqueness in this upwardly-mobile fashion designer, Mariam Afolabi.

She stamped her presence with her unique fashion label, Mademoiselle Aglaia which saw her showcasing her bespoke collections at different fashion shows abroad and at home. Right now, she is the toast of many movie and showbiz stars as they now fall over themselves to be on her rich clientele.

The 24 year old Mariam is the daughter of Lagos billionaire Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SIFAX Group. She made her first impression on the Nigerian fashion scene at the age of 19 years while still a Law student at Warwick University.

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Her use of beads embroidery and prints to express her unique styles, not only stands her out from the rest but has earned her a premium spot among Nigerian celebrities especially showbiz stars who love to adorn her designs. Her amazing collections have also earned her several awards nominations and reckonings.

Mademoiselle Aglaia is a unisex salon, beauty parlour, spa and an accompanying eatery where local and intercontinental cuisines are served.

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However, her outfit took a new and grander outlook last weekend when she rebranded her fashion label formerly known as Mademoiselle Aglaia to become Mazelle with the launch of her new beautiful complex called The Style Loft Box, an architectural masterpiece built with containers.