Trust Me It’s Not Easy Living With Scars – Handsome Nigerian Man Narrates His Inspiring Story.


A young Nigerian man became a burn survivor after he was involved in a fire accident at age 10. The man identified as Kay Obum has taken to social media to share an inspiring story that encourages people to live their lives to the fullest.

The man who became a blogger to inspire others recounted how he felt after the accident. He revealed that at the age of 10 he was self-confident and he had believed he was very good-looking until the accident. According to him, at some time he thought about taking his own life after he had numerous surgeries to look become better

. The man who thanked his mother for helping him noted that she helped him to

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“I was a very handsome kid growing up with a lot of self-confidence. You know; the dark and handsome, smart and brilliant kinda confidence. But at the age of 10, I experienced what changed my perception about life: I got burnt, an accident caused by a lantern at home. I was bed-ridden for a whole year and eventually got discharged from 3rd-degree burns.

Everything that made sense to me changed, all I used to love made no sense anymore because I had no idea how to live in my new skin. It was a difficult period; kids saw me they’d run and cry, walking in the streets, people would stare and say sorry. Do u know how many times I was denied taking a look at myself in the mirror? How many times have I been to surgery in different orthopaedics, both in and out of the country? A couple of times I thought of killing myself At a point, I tried opening accounts on several social sites looking for new friends who could understand me, only for me to realize I was trying to force friendships and all I was looking for were attention and pity when I should be self-motivated. My mom is the real MVP, she spent a lot of money buying tablets, fruits and other stuff to make sure my recovery process was smooth. Not to mention that the night I got burnt and she also got burnt in her hands and legs; she wasn’t going to watch her son get consumed in flames! She even went as far as taking loans from banks to make sure I’m alive. My love for her is incredible! But now, I guess a lot of things did change, I have a mind of my own, I am happy, respectful, taking one step at a time, I learnt how to cope with myself, accommodate people and also love myself. Most importantly believing and hoping on unending love and grace of God upon my life which brought about my blog, to inspire those that think like I used to.

Trust me, it’s not easy living with scars lol, just imagine if you do have a small kitchen knife slice on your skin, you will try as much as possible to get it cleaned up, imagine mine! Nevertheless, I’m thankful I’m alive to share my story, my scars mean one thing: I SURVIVED! The Psychology I studied in school didn’t heal me, God did.”


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