More facts are emmerging about the “saga” of the manufactured hypocritic saga of “forged exemption certificate” against Minister Kemi Adeosun.

Make no Mistake about it. This is political skulldudggery.

Corruption is indeed fighting back because, as Dr. Ngozi Iweal-Okonjo elloquently put it in her recent book, in Nigeria, “Fighting corruption is dangerous”

Unlike what some make it out to be, Minister Kemi Adeosun did not “skip” doing NYSC as some would make it seem.

She was not born in Nigeria. She did not go to school in Nigeria.

She was born in 1967 in London to Nigerian Parents.

She attended her Primary, Secondary and University in the UK; And only came to work in Nigeria (Private sector) for the first time in 2002 at the age of 35 years old.

She went into political appointive Service (Ogun State Commisioner of Finance in 2011) at the age of 44 years.

If she is not entitled to exemption? Then there is something terribly wrong with our system.

We are in effect telling all men and women born to Nigerian parents in the Diaspora to come back to Nigeria for NYSC, or they should forget ever thinking about coming to the homeland of their parents to work!

It does not make sense.

She attended her Primary, Secondary and University in London; Started her career at 22 years Immediately after finishing her University Education.

Is it a reasonable expectation to expect a 22 year old to come to an unfamiliar country – because it is the land of the birth of his/her parents? – Even if at that point such a person has no firm plan to come to Nigeria to work?

I strongly argue that she is entitled to exemption from the NYSC. Absent that, then it means we are foreclosing from participation, a large swath of potentially valuable skill set endowed people. It would be foolish.

I know for sure my American Born son will never consider coming to work in Nigeria at the age of 22 years old. But I am very optimistic that with more maturity, he will see the value of coming to pitch tent back home.

Especially if the security situation and evonomy improves.

Therefore, in my opinion, the talk of Minister Adeosun “skipping NYSC” should not even arise. She did not skip NYSC.

She is entitled to be “exempted”

Now, having disposed of that, the only issue in this matter to my mind that need thrashing is: “was her exemption Certificate ‘forged’ “?

In answer to that, I make bold to say we do not know at this point.

But, I am willing to go on a limb to say “No. She did not forge an ‘exemption’ certificate”.

It does not even make sense to do so. And if she does, I will consider her very very foolish in doing so.

Most likely scenario is this: She appropriately sought exemption. And because of her (or someone’s) influence, somebody facilitated the exemption.

Now weither the right signature was appended to the certificate or not cannot be her burden to shoulder. She should not, in all fairness, be held accountable for something she did not do.

If she went to a printer and printed a fake exemption certificate and passes it around as her exemption certificate, then a prima faciae case of “Forgery” can be made against the Minister.

But to allege forgery against somebody who presumably applied for and got a bonafide exemption certificate issued from out of the NYSC is, to say the least uncharitable; And shows our proclivity to run down those working hard to correct the distortions in our body politic and economy.

The most important thing to me is a bonafide certificate issued from out of NYSC. She is not responsible for who signed it.

For those who are out with the “crusify her” pitch forks, how many of you are sure that your NYSC certificate was signed by appropriately designated NYSC official?

Have you check?

For me, i just collected mine and left. I have no guarantees that the appended signature was that of the appropriately designated Official.

This is NYSC discharge certificate. Talkless an exemption certificate

How is she supposed to know that her NYSC exemption Certificate has appended to it the signature of the “wrong” official?

Mind you, like I alluded earlier, the position some are taking on this matter is, in effect, foreclosing the possibility of children born to Nigerians in the diaspora from ever coming to work in or for Nigeria in the later stages of their lives.

Do we want to travel that route just to score cheap political points? Or do we want to keep the possibility that some of these Men and Women born to us in the Diaspora can some day come and contribute to our nation’s developement?

Finally and in closing. Minister Adeosun should never ever resign. She is one of the most effective Ministers in this administration.

The nay sayers and corrupt skulldudggers are doing this because of the effective work she is doing. They want to weaken the President by picking off his key Ministers.

We must fight to support her.