Slavery Is Real,It Is Sophisticated In The New World Order-Edward Iyare

I have traveled around the world. And one thing keeps playing in my mind. Nigeria is been held down by America and the United Kingdom. Canada and some few other European countries have keyed in too. These countries see Nigeria and some other African countries as a good ground to acquire SLAVES. Slavery is REAL. But it’s very sophisticated in the new world order.

America and Europe do not want Nigeria to have a GOOD leader. Why? If Nigeria develops. Even if we have just electricity. Most Nigerians slaving and living in terrible conditions as second-class citizens abroad will return home. Imagine what will happen then. The United Kingdom will immediately stop asking Nigerians to apply for visas to come to their country. They need the workforce. These people work and pay heavy taxes. Almost all their earnings are swallowed up by taxes and BILLS.

These countries use propaganda to label any leader who doesn’t do their bid as “corrupt”. And the likes. Or even kill them. Imagine the President of Nigeria going abroad to reside. And there’s no single mention of it in CNN or BBC. If Abacha or GEJ did this. Hmmm. Hell will be let loose. The Archbishop visiting BUHARI. You think it’s not all politics? Or BUHARI is now a Christian? It’s all in the game. (The man to love Nigerians abi?) To keep incompetent leaders. In the saddle. Who will leave the slave route open, After all, When Nigeria is bad. Everyone will check out. Then the Americans and the United Kingdom will select the best. Leave the rest to die in the Sahara desert.

Nigerians must rise up. And take back this country. Nigeria is a beautiful and great country. Everything is here. Beautiful weather. The land is sweet for everything. Agriculture. Gold. Petroleum. Natural minerals are all here. We must rise up and insist on a GOOD leader that will think Nigeria First!

Best regards.