The threat by music legend, Sir Victor Uwaifo to sue 2018 Headies Multiple Awards winner, Simi over the use of the title of his song, Joromi in her maiden album, Simisola has continued to generate interests in the music industry and the social media.

Lending his voice to the issue, Harvard Certified Copyright Law Professional, Femi Morgan said creative works deserve respect and should be acknowledged. He opined that while a piece of work can be expperimented, there are limitations.
Morgan writes:

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“People need to respect other people’s creation. One, your creation is yours anyone who violates your creation and tries to call you a hungry person who needs money is highly inconsiderate.

Your creation is more than money. It is your gift, it is your legacy to unborn children, it is your signature, it is sometimes borne out of hard-earned experiences. So anyone who says ‘shut up, you are jealous’–is not worthy of being called a human being.

You deserve to be acknowledged for your creation. People can experiment with your work but there are limitations, just as there are limitations to how you hold on or own your work as well.

Your creation is yours. The law protects it and further protects it by registration. If not that Nigeria is a bloody shithole, you can sue any person or oloriburuku for violating your creation and win within months.

An artist may not be rich or receive accolades in his lifetime. He may be discovered to have written great works after death. Copyright protects him even after death; for a period of time, so that his family can enjoy the goodwill and money of their father or mother before it turns to public property.

The law is the Bible in engaging copyright cases. Not conjectures. Not sentiments. Not favouritism. Not popularity. Evidence is key.

I rest my case

I cannot be analysing Victor Uwaifo Vs Simi for free when I did not go to school for free. Government did not sponsor my education. Let me recoup the school fees I have spent over the years😁😁😁😁😁😁. If you need copyright consulting, I will be willing to do so.”

Femi Morgan
Harvard Certified Copyright Law Professional | Publisher | Creative Entrepreneur