Ryan Phillippe, Cops Don’t Believe Ex-Girlfriend’s Claims In Domestic Abuse Lawsuit

Ryan Phillippe‘s ex-girlfriend’s accusations that he brutally attacked her and threw her down the stairs don’t add up, according to cops.
Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … investigators don’t believe Elsie Hewitt’s account of what went down between her and Phillippe on July 4 for a couple reasons. First — they say Ryan was shocked when cops showed up at his place after Elsie filed a police report … but was completely cooperative.
We’re told he invited them in and answered all their questions without lawyering up — like he had nothing to hide.
Next, there’s Elsie’s story about the stairs. Our sources tell us the stairs she accuses Ryan of throwing her down twice are sharp and wooden, and would have left her with much nastier injuries — even broken bones — than what she laid out in her suit.
As we reported … the L.A. City Attorney refused to prosecute Phillippe after investigating, but Hewitt still sued him. Ryan, in response, has hired a lawyer and plans to go after Elsie for defamation.

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