Olympic Skeleton Champion Lizzie Yarnold: How I Eat


During the winter months, we’re away, sliding and training, but on a typical summer training day back in the UK at Bath University, I wake up hungry at 6.30am. I have a cup of tea straight away, then two slices of toast with salted butter, sometimes with marmalade on one, and always with two eggs (scrambled, boiled, or poached). Then I leave for the gym with another cup of tea.


I never eat later than 1pm – usually it’s half a sweet potato with salad, and chilli con carne, tuna or chicken. I like a colourful plate, and always more protein than carbs. I don’t really worry about quantities. Even when I’m not training, I eat the same way. It’s all about keeping my body under control, and my weight down so as not to add any undue strain. The sled weighs 30kg; you have to look after your back.

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My husband James is the chef. It’s always no carbs for me. Instead, lots of steamed or roast veg, and more protein: a pork chop, chicken in creme fraiche, anything to make the meat as interesting as possible. I make up two lots of jelly a week, adding fruit in it. And, before bed, I either have a glass of milk or, if I’m on my weight target and feeling good, some Angel Delight: you need to feed your body through the night. And then I take a cup of tea to bed.

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I carry a load of snack pots in my backpack – nuts, seeds, beef jerky, yoghurt, fresh fruit, and my guilty pleasure: Grape Nuts cereal. With that, I take a pint of milk and my own tea bags (Twinings extra-strong). I also take a 1.5 litre bottle of water and another 1.5l bottle of squash (supermarket own brand no added sugar, to which I add some salt), which I refill multiple times – on average I drink about five litres of liquid every day. We do two or three gym sessions a day, and have a shower and a tea break after each. So I have about seven cups a day. I’m addicted.

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