Missing Indonesia Woman,Found Dead Inside Python

Wa Tiba, a 54-year-old Indonesia woman who has been missing since Thursday was found dead inside a python on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.The incident which was recorded to have happened on Thursday,June 14th,2018,after the victim went to her garden and didn’t return.

By friday morning concerned residents and the police went in search of her,where local villagers and authorities in the province found her belongings but didn’t see her.

The search went further,and eventually a python was found that was so swollen and couldn’t move so they suspected it might have swallowed her.

Accoding to local police Agus Ramos “The villagers who were suspicious brought the python back to the village and cut it open. She was found dead inside the snake with the body intact.”

Graphic pictures below:Missing woman found dead inside a python (video)Missing woman found dead inside a python (video)

Missing woman found dead inside a python (video)