Mike Tyson: Former World Heavyweight Champion Reveals How He Was Raped

Mike Tyson has revealed how he suffered a horrific sexual abuse as a kid.

The former World Boxing Heavyweight Champion in an interview with ESPN, though he wouldn’t go into much details about it, Tyson disclosed how he was abused and how he has come to terms with the abuse.

Tyson narrates: “I was walking down the street at the age of seven when an old man snatched me off the street, he bullied and sexually abused me until I finally managed to escape. I never saw the man again so I kept the abuse a secret for fear of being judged.

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Much of my anger comes from the experience, but I learned to be strong so no one will ever pick on him again.”

When asked why he so rarely mentioned the incident, he replied, “It was no one’s business to know, people just don’t talk about it because to some people they believe it’s demasculating them.

“I learned that it doesn’t make you any less of a man because it happened.”

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Asked if the event changed his person, Tyson answered, “I don’t know if it did or not. I don’t always remember, but maybe I do but I don’t. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by it.”


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