Mexican Captain, Marquez Denies Drug Trafficking Allegation


The Mexican captain, Rafael Marquez, was accused of drug trafficking by the U.S Treasury Department but has denied such allegations.

Speaking at news conference on Wednesday, the former Barcelona defender denied any involvement with drug trafficking.

Marquez said: “Today several news outlets reported that I am part of an investigation conducted by the U.S. Treasury Department for alleged ties to criminal organization. I categorically deny any type of relation with this organization and with what has been stated in several news reports. I understand the legal situation that I find myself in, and I will immediately work on clearing up the facts alongside my team of attorneys.

“I reiterate that I have never participated in any of these organizations that have been mentioned in these reports, and want to reiterate my duty to assist the various authorities and corresponding governments in a punctual manner and maintain the media informed.

I also want to ask for respect for my family and towards my situation, because it is not a normal situation — it is a difficult situation, and I ask for as much respect as possible.

I also thank those who have sent me messages of support; I know that many people are with me and I will not disappoint them.

Just as I have approached my professional career, today is my most difficult challenge. I will try to clear this up when I can and be the Rafa Marquez everyone knows.”


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