Lovina Amangala: The Walking Skeletons Of Nigeria Military And The Generations Of Ahab And Jezebel


A wise person learns from history.Going by the activities of the Nigeria Military and the Nigeria Army in particular concerning IPOB, the Niger Deta etc the senseless killings,intimidation and terrorizing innocent Nigerians, abnormal power display, godless lifestyles, been bought over by the powers that be, you do not need anyone to tell you that Satan the old Evil Genius, the master of deception and all evil machinations, the brilliant mastermind of revolts and rebellions against God, a professional trickster, and his human agents are at work.

The Rivers governor Wike said SARS is responsible for the kidnappings, ritual killings, disappearance of people, blood shedding and the rest, in Rivers state. Is it today that we know that nationwide SARS has been used to do what the governor says? What of the endless midnight killings all over the country? Sometimes I wonder why people fear to say the truth. Thanks to God for our governor. The truth can not be hidden.

Zacheaus ,an army general came down from his over the estimated sense of importance and bowed to our Lord ND Master Jesus Christ. When will these group of people remember eternity and bow to Jesus? Don’t they know their lives are not in their hands? Why serve Satan?

Why the injustices, lies, pretence and abnormal desire for blood-shedding? The president came back with a claim not to be strong to work in the office but strong enough to go into a dirty meeting with the service chiefs to plan the elimination of the Biafra and Niger Delta People, and the opposition. Buhari, his service chefs and the Northern leaders are up to mischief but God will surely disgrace them.

Why will the South east and the Niger Delta people suffer for the North? Why will Oloibiri in Ogbia local government area of the Bayelsa State,that produced their Oil to feed Nigeria still left as a village 56 years later? No president past and present is ready to address the issue and it is most unfortunate. Even the state governors (nationwide) are busy looting .Why will the Ogoni people suffer endlessly for no just cause, while the North is having everything?
Are the Niger Delta people and Biafra responsible for the destruction Boko HARAM and their sponsors CAUSED IN THE North ?Truth can not be killed. The whole world knows the truth.

Seeing how Nigeria is and how the Army and the police force has been turned to a mere toy, I WONDER WHAT Fela would have sang had it been he lived. I wonder hat GANI Fawehinmi would have done, or Nelson Mandela had they lived. If anything happens to Kanu ,prepare for total anarchy. All that is happening with IPOB is the plan of Mr President and his evil gang. I do not know him from Adams but trust it , my revelation would come to pass .
The identity of sorrow ,tears and blood as followed the military through the years.Pro.1,22b says ..how long will you fools hate knowledge? Pro 2,13-14 says..why rejoice in the perverseness of evil? Why leave the straight parts and walk in dark ways?

Isa,59,1-3..says surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ears too dull to hear but your iniquities have separated you from your God, your sins have hidden his ace from you ,your hands are filled with blood, your fingers with guilt, you have spoken lies, your tongue muttered wicked things…
An evil military is a disaster to the nation. Why leave the country tensed?

I wont forget to thank God in 2003, when the police connived with Mr Igodonu, my landlord at Mowo , near Badagry, Lagos,they planned our elimination but God saved I and my husband. I WONT FORGET AGAIN HOW THE POLICE CONNIVED WITH INDIAN HEMP SMOKING MEN IN Lekki and an evil caretaker TOOK BRIBE and we lost our ministry base. We were almost killed again but God saw us through. The press covered both cases.

Pro 1,7..says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, but fools despise wisdom. These military men are meant for territorial security but they now turn to killers, been bought over for financial gains. There is no fear of GOD WITH OUR MILITARY. Surely some are godly but about 80% are swimming in sin.

They kill people, the gag and kill even journalist doing their legitimate duties.
Ecc 8,8b says…wickedness will not release those that practice it. Can you imagine how Bri.Sani Usman, the Arm y spokesman lied while interviewed on AIT ON THURSDAY MORNING. His defence of the army did not carry weight. He was even biting his tongue. Except babies, every sane person saw that he was fulfilling an evil destiny. What a shame from a godless soldier.
Why will they not be loyal top the people that are paying them? Please the military should go back to the barracks. They should stop provoking God, the IPOB and the Nigerian people.
What manner of man is the Army Chief of Staff?

God will revenge the evil agenda of the president and his men. The ArMY MUST BE CALLED TO ORDER. The South East was peaceful till the order from president was issued.

If Nigeria would remain as one all agitations must be addressed. They have no right to show force on armless civilians. Look at Charly Boys case they almost killed the innocent man. Ecc12,13-14 says..Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment whether it is good or evil…
We are tired of midnight killings by Sars and others,, people living double lives, playing God, practicing witchcraft and wizardry, raping innocent women, duping people, selling Indian hemp secretly, conniving with armed robbers to share loot, selling of arms to criminals, the identity of sorrow, tears and blood, blood shedding merchants, corruption, liars, thieves,innocent people disappearing from streets at nights, swelling of human parts, religious segregation and tribalists, practicing satanism etc all and more by the military.

I and my husband are not scared to say the truth. We take orders from God alone. Not even death or imprisonment will stop us. If we die, Gods judgment is upon all of you, you workers of eternity till infinity. Better change your evil ways. A word is enough for the wise.


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