An alleged notorious shop-lifter was nabbed today in somewhere in Ilorin after  she stole a box of weave-on and she was subsequently stripped naked.

Immediately the alarmed was raised, she was descended on by a mob and her clothes were tore off her. All the while she kept protesting her innocence.

The video has elicited varying responses on social media as some people condemned jungle justice while some people declared she got what she deserved. If there was any iota of pity for the thief, it disappeared when a social media user on instagram revealed that she was a serial thief who had been caught several times.

The user claimed that the same lady had robbed her store some three weeks ago and almost made way with a lot of merchandise if not for the timely intervention of neighbors who caught her and gave her the beating of her life.

I hope she has been handed over to the authorities for persecution. I believe she is safer there.