K1 De Ultimate Turns to Bakery, Ships in State of The Art Equipment


Fuji music Lord, K1 de Ultimate has solution to Nigeria’s food problem. His latest addition in business, Anjola Bakery will bring bread to the tables of men and women who are hungry.

K1, according to his US-based Publicist, Esther Akinwande believes investment and expansion is more important than comfort at 60.

K1, who has just added a confectionery to his chain of businesses, according to Akinwande has a great passion for employment generation.

His core philosophy of identifying business opportunities and providing silutions to humn wants and needs led him to establish a bakery.

Like his other businesses, she said, he builds capacities, provides value and nurture them to become relevant in the market place.

The bakery has been established to provide solutions to food problems. Bread is one of the quickest and cheapest food to eat and get your hands on in time of hunger.

The bakery named after one of his daughters, Anjola has been set up with state of the art equipment including Bakery Oven, Flour Mixer, Slicing Machine, Baking Pans and Trays.

For K1 de Ultimate who hails from Ijebu Ode, a tribe of people known for their enterprise and with the largest concentration of successful businessmen, Anjola Bakery joins the list of his investment port folio including Construction, Sales of Musical Equipment and Dredging, operating under his business conglomerate, Brampton Gizalink Group.

The bakery located at his home town, Ijebu Ode will be officially unveiled on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.


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