Gbenga Daniel Is A Liar

to my post earlier today, I wish to say without mincing words that His Excellency is a political jobber. He is shamelessly the master of deceit and ziggy. He seeks to rewrite recent history and blight our memory of events that many of us were living witnesses to”

“Typical of him, he talked about the decision to return all political office holders in 2007 like it was done under Pa Awolowo’s UPN. So, what happened to Senator Tokunbo Ogunbanjo that did not get a return ticket? You also among others changed Wale Ogunbanjo for your Personal Assistant on Special Duties, Oduwaye, for the House of Reps in Ijebu Central. Clearly, not ALL elective officials were allowed a second term! That’s lie number one.”

“But let me quickly remind H.E that 2007 did not come in a vacuum. Unlike him who joined the PDP from AD in 2002, I have been in PDP since I joined politics. He should be reminded that there were other governorship aspirants before he joined PDP.”

“It was the same structure that got him the ticket that won the election for him; first, in 2003 and then in 2007. Those were the Prof. Maurice Iwu years. Insiders could attest to how election results were written and stuffed into ballot boxes on the eve of elections and then smuggled into collation centres!”

“If ‘Mr. Chief Strategist’ knows how to win elections, fair and square, how come he has not been able to repeat the same feat in the 2011 PPN experiment and since he left office? Prior to the 2015 election, he played a lot of ‘ziggy’ with Labour Party (LP), only for him to return to PDP because of campaign funds. That was why he collected N300 million out of the N500 million that was meant for the election and gave N30 million to Prince Segun Seriki, N30 million to Dr. Doyin Okupe and N30 million to Hon. Titi Oseni.”

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“You said money was not involved in your dealings with people. What a lie! What money would you probably need after cornering our common patrimony? Like a parasite that you are, you have continued to milk Pa Adebutu and his son, Ladi.”

“Unknown to him and his father, you had told members of your inner caucus that Ladi would not go anywhere and that they (the Adebutus) could not have both money and political power. Your fear was that if they had both, they would become uncontrollable for you.”

“It was part of the money you collected from Ladi’s father ahead of the council election in Ogun State in last year that you took to China to buy the materials needed to finish your nearly abandoned hotel project in Abeokuta.”

“Your latter-day attempt to support Ladi’s governorship ambition is self-serving. You are doing this to see if you could inject some life into your dead elevator business and political structure. You were collecting from Ladi’s father, just like you were collecting from Ex-President Jonathan in the name of being his Campaign Director in Ogun State. You took many people, including youths to him, and then collected your share from them! It was when you noticed that Ladi and his father had seen through your deceit that you went to woo Yayi who is of the APC.”

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“Your Excellency, you spoke of how you purportedly handled Ladi’s 2015 House of Reps election and delivered. This is another lie. As I said earlier, because Pa Adebutu is a good man, it was expected that his son would reap from his goodwill. However, God used a structure to give him a ticket that he could leverage on to become a beneficiary of his father’s goodwill. There is no better way to put a lie to your claim that you delivered him than the fact that I defeated you even in your polling booth in Sagamu even when you bought votes against me!”

“In your usual pretentious manner, you have told those close to you that Ladi isn’t going anywhere in his present governorship quest. That explains why you are goading him on in the efforts to decimate the PDP and at the same time you are hobnobbing with other aspirants in other parties for the same position. It is your usual way where you promise many aspirants the same ticket.”

“Honestly, I do not know how Ladi fell for your bait. Otherwise, he would have known that fighting the structure that gave him the opportunity to contest is not the best way to achieving his ambition. There is no way he won’t have the sympathy and support of most people in the party if he had committed to the party the same way he committed to fighting and decimating it. Besides, there is hardly anyone in Ogun State that his father cannot speak to. And come to think of it, no aspirant would have been able to out-spend him in any delegates’ election.”

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“Now that you have encouraged him to divide the party and further fragment it, do you think it will be easier for any aspirant to achieve his aim? I heard you are planning to contest election for the Ogun East Senatorial District. I welcome you to the race. As God lives, it will be the final rites of your already dead political life. You are spent and expired!”

“OGD, you are not the one to make anyone anything. Que sera sera (What will be, will be). Whatever anyone will be is in hands of God! Do not allow your inordinate ambition to be the Emperor and number political jobber in Ogun State to blindfold and ruin you. You have had your time and it is gone for good. Like all honourable men and elder statesmen who have had their turn and taken the back seat, go and rest with your family. Quit the scene, your time is long past! Eni a wi fun…”

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