Former Formular 1 Champion Nico Roseberg, Hints On Returning To Mercedes With Formula E

The former Formula champion who retired five days after winning the 2016 championship might stage a return back to the racing world but this time to the all-electric Formula E.

Finland driver and 2016 formula champion Nico Rosberg has he hinted he is open to the all-electric racing series as a Mercedes Ambassador.

The Mercedes are yet to join the new Formula E which has only finished its third season, but Rosberg who didn’t give a specific date to return is, however, open to all possibilities

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Rosberg said: “Racing will always be fun to me, so let’s see what happens. I will always be passionate about our sport and there will always be options to be involved.”

“It does not have to be tomorrow, it could be in ten years, but I will be open to all possibilities.”

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