Floyd Mayweather Is Scared Of Me – Conor McGregor

The build-up to the much anticipated boxing bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather continues. The multi-million dollar fight which comes up on 26th August in Las Vegas will see both fighters earning close to $100m.

After Mayweather said on Thursday that the bout “won’t go the distance”, Conor McGregor  seems to be in confidence mood as well and says Floyd Mayweather is “scared”.

Speaking at a media workout on Friday, McGregor, 29, said: “You know what I heard him say yesterday? Nothing. I saw a man scared, I saw a man trying to talk himself out of it.

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“I’m preparing to win, and to win in devastating fashion.”

The Irishman said: “The story of the fight will be waiting to see who takes a step back first.

“We all know Floyd is a great defensive boxer and he isn’t going to keep coming forward like he says. If he does, it’s going to be a quick night for me.

“I have been boxing my whole life so this is not a new experience for me. The critics say that Floyd has been there before. They discredit my training, my skills, my accomplishments.

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“This isn’t new to me though, just like boxing isn’t new to me. I will rule over MMA and boxing with an iron fist after August 26.”