Drama! Saudi Arabian Singer Arrested For Dabbing At Live Concert

Saudi Arabian singer, Abdallah Al Shahani has been arrested for “dabbing” during a live performance in south-west Saudi Arabia.

Abdallah who is also an actor and TV Personality, reportedly did the dab move while performing at a musical festival in the city of Taif on Monday night.

The wildly popular move was outlawed in conservative Saudi Arabia by the National Committee for Drug Control, on the grounds that it alludes to weed and other illegal substances.

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Abdul-Ella Al-Sharif, Secretary-General of the National Committee for Drug Control, told Okaz newspaper that the artist’s dance move was “contrary to the national strategy to combat drugs” and he had been arrested in the same way anyone who “incites or advocates for abuse of drugs” would be.

Mr Shaharani, however, tweeted on Tuesday that he was sorry for his actions.

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‘I am most apologetic to our honorable government and my dear president for the spontaneous movement I made in the Ta’if Festival. Accept my apology, his tweet read.’